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Today, in recognition of #WorldEnvironmentDay, we have updated our Environment Policy to formalise staff practices in avoidance of single use plastics and #beatplasticpollution.

The updated policy aims to minimise and where possible eliminate, plastic waste generated by all staff at all sites where we operate. Specific practices include limiting or avoiding single-use:

  • plastic bags: reusable shopping bags to be available by the front door of office for staff use;
  • cutlery and cups: exclude plastic cutlery and cups from deliveries and purchases;
  • plastic straws: metal straws to be provided for staff use;
  • plastic containers: staff are encouraged to take their own containers when purchasing or consuming food; and
  • coffee cups: staff encouraged to take their own reusable coffee cup.

The updated policy also address office purchasing practices. Staff are encouraged to avoid buying over-packaged products and support businesses that use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.