About Us

Welcome to Pendoley Environmental

Pendoley Environmental was established in 1997 by Dr Kellie Pendoley. From humble beginnings we’ve grown into a leading marine conservation biology consultancy, with specialists operating out of Perth and Sydney offices working on coastal and offshore projects across Australia and beyond.

Drawing on 30 years of extensive experience, our team of dedicated specialists undertake rigorous scientific research that unlocks the data you need to meet compliance obligations, sending a powerful message to regulators and industry partners about your environmental commitment and eco credibility.

Over the years, we’ve formed an invaluable collaborative network with local, national and international specialists at the forefront of global marine biology conservation. Together with our accomplished team of marine scientists, marine turtle biologists, remote aviation specialists and oiled wildlife responders, we’re now providing multi-national resource companies with the most up-to-date environmental solutions.

Every solution we innovate is tailored to your operations, ensuring we manage your environmental impact with minimal impact to you too. And with over 50 satisfied clients (and growing), we’ve proven we’re in it for the long haul. We look forward to partnering with you as your environmental consultancy of choice.

Our Leadership Team

Dr Kellie Pendoley

Owner and Principal Scientist

Kellie has over three decades of experience in the environmental management of large-scale oil and gas developments, both in Australia and overseas. With her extensive knowledge of marine turtle biology and ecology, Kellie has designed and implemented an array of programs that manage industrial activities in the vicinity of marine turtle habitats.

Kellie also has a special interest in monitoring and modelling artificial light pollution, spending over 20 years in R&D of novel technology and techniques to quantify biologically meaningful light, this experience making her an invaluable resource for industry and government agencies alike.



Dr Paul Whittock

General Manager and Senior Scientist

Paul brought over 8 years of experience in environmental consultancy to Pendoley Environmental in 2009, previously managing multiple marine turtle monitoring programs worldwide and overseeing environmental approval processes for coastal developments in the UK.

Today, Paul manages the day-to-day running of the company. Having recently completed a PhD focused on understanding industrial threats to marine turtles in Western Australia, he is also responsible for all aspects of our flagship Gorgon and Wheatstone marine turtle monitoring programs, regularly publishes in scientific literature, and is a qualified UAV pilot (multi-rotor <7 kg).



Dr Catherine Bell

Senior Scientist and Business Development

Catherine’s PhD focused on the conservation of threatened marine turtle populations, with a special interest in management within commercial frameworks.

Since 2008, Catherine has consulted to the resources industry and government agencies in Australia and acted as Project Manager for multiple marine turtle projects nationwide.

At Pendoley Environmental, Catherine is responsible for the management of marine turtle projects on the east coast of Australia, delivering artificial light monitoring services from our Digital Horizon Imaging division and overseeing the Gorgon Project hatchling dispersal program in WA.

As a member of the IUCN MTSG and regular publisher of scientific literature, Catherine delivers high-quality products tailored to regulator requirements and best practice.



Rob Ryan

Research, Development and Innovation Lead

Rob is responsible for the identification, development and deployment of original, multidisciplinary technologies that meet the challenges of fast-paced industry environments.

Applying the latest understanding of artificial light measurement, camera, UAV and remote tracking technology, each innovation is designed to assist industry and government sectors to capture data relating to artificial light monitoring, marine turtle behaviour and broader biological and environmental coastal processes.

Rob’s revered innovations include the patented Sky42™ Imaging System, Wing 42 and UAV and aerial image processing systems, all of which incorporate custom acquisition, analysis and visualisation software.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a globally respected champion for marine conservation

It is our mission to:

  • Conduct rigorous science
  • Maintain independence and integrity
  • Collaborate widely
  • Propose effective mitigation options to minimise environmental impact
  • Be the company of choice

Our actions are guided by our principal beliefs, to:

  • Operate an ethical and responsible business
  • Empower our staff
  • Foster innovation and creativity
  • Value our staff, their families and lifestyle
  • Use our experience and education to protect the marine environment

Our Success

At Pendoley Environmental, we believe success is not an accident - it’s the result of long-term relationships built on a foundation of exceeding expectations. To achieve this, we immerse ourselves in your project to determine exactly what you require. Then, armed with superior experience, knowledge and capacity, we deliver as promised.

To ensure you receive the highest standards of service, we maintain a quality management system, and are certified for ‘The management of projects for the collection of scientific data and the generation and submission of scientific reports relating to marine biology conservation’ to Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Our status as a leading consultancy in our field was formally recognised in 2012, with first place in the WA Department of Mines and Energy '21st Golden Gecko Awards for Environmental Excellence'.